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Hi, I’m Jen! I’m a wife, mom and super busy chiro with a large clinical nutrition practice. I’m a Type A “let’s get it done” type of girl. I love to multitask and I love to workout (because it makes me feel better afterwards). So I totally understand a lack of extra time and not having enough arms to complete all the things you need to at any given moment. 😉

My journey searching for health and wellness started from birth. I was a colicky baby and no one figured out I was allergic to dairy. Bummer. So over the years my gut has been my nemesis. While pregnant with my 2nd son, I developed gestational diabetes and celiac disease. So let’s just say pregnancy wasn’t fun. I know that my many years of eating wrong for my body set me up for failure. Things have a nasty way of catching up with us. So I have perfected eating right for my body, which helps me feel like super woman pretty much daily. I can do the same for you! Food is our fuel, we just have to learn how to feed our machines the right way.

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The Alternative Health Care Center of Grosse Pointe Woods

Address: 20415 Mack Ave

Grosse Pointe Woods MI


Phone: 313-881-7677


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