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Freebie # 1 

Dr. Jen’s Grocery Store Hacks

Do you ever feel like the grocery store is your worst enemy? Do you come home and regret the choices you made? I made a practical guide for you to plan your grocery shopping list. ALWAYS have a list. And ALWAYS stick to it! If you have to shop on the fly, at least have this handout in your bag. I will steer you along to avoid the pitfalls. Let’s make grocery shopping a thing to be proud of when you get home. Sound good? Download my free guide now.

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Freebie # 2

Dr. Jen’s List of Fat Fighters

Who doesn’t want to boost their metabolism? I think every single one of us would love a little “umph”, am I right? So I have created a handy bullet point list of some great foods to incorporate. Nothing complicated, just easy foods to add into your day which are great for a boost! It can even help jump start weight loss. Grab it here.

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Freebie # 3

Dr. Jen’s Guide to Beat Sugar

Who doesn’t crave sugar? I honestly don’t think anyone is immune to the deceptive pull of sugar. Truth be told, I have always had a horrendous sweet tooth. This freebie is a simple guide to help you combat the beast. You will be so proud of yourself when you control sugar and not the other way around! You’re just a click away from some quick solutions to this national epidemic.

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