About Me

Hi, I’m Dr. Jen!

I’m a wife, mom, author, essential oil enthusiast, super busy clinical nutritionist and chiropractor. I’m a Type A “let’s get it done” type of girl. So I totally understand a lack of extra time and not having enough arms to complete all the things you need to do at any given moment. 😉

I know eating wrong for my body until my 20’s set me up for failure. During my pregnancies with my sons I developed Gestational Diabetes with one and Celiac disease with the other.Things have a nasty way of catching up with us. When diseases and problems pop up they are not new! The dysfunction and imbalance in your body is what ultimately leads to disease processes. But in many cases you can reverse this process with natural solutions. Yes, chemical free, natural and easy to execute solutions. Does it sound too easy? I promise you it is 100% doable and I can help you get there.  Our bodies just need the right fuel and tools to achieve optimal health.

What I Do

I help busy women just like you, who struggle with weight issues, fatigue, exhaustion, digestive problems and mood swings achieve increased energy,and clarity by giving you the tools to live your best life.

My Philosophy

I feel very strongly that you should do everything you can as naturally as you can for as long as you can. Medications, even just over the counter pain relievers have side effects. What if you could fix your body so you don’t need the drugs? Our bodies just need the right tools (the right foods!). BILLIONS of dollars are spent marketing processed, sugar loaded “foods”. Those BILLIONS of dollars are all directed at you, and your families. Do you think they care about your health? No, they only care about the money, the profits.

It’s not your fault. It’s not our kids fault. We are all addicted to sugar! It is literally an ADDICTION. This is why we are overweight, tired and nobody can FOCUS!

My goal is to help as many women as I can. We rule the world. What you learn, you teach to your kids and they hopefully teach their kids. That’s how we make change! This puts the power in our hands, not big pharma and not the food industry.

My Methods

I offer online courses that teach you how to take control of your health.

1. They are easy to implement, I know you don’t have spare time!

2. You can’t fail because it’s not another diet, it is learning to use real food to your advantage. (diets are not realistic nor are they long term)

3. No time consuming webinars, no fluff.

4. I know you don’t have any time to yourself to figure this stuff out. I know and I understand. That’s why my programs are designed specifically FOR YOU!

My Goals

What I want for you is a happy, healthy, vibrant future. I want you to have the energy and ability to reach your full potential! My goal is to help you change your future and the future of your family or those around you. I want you to feel empowered to stand up and change the path you’re on because I know you can with my guidance.

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