We’re exposed to countless toxins every day from sources we may not even be aware of. A toxin is any substance that places undue stress on the body. Toxic load is the sum of these substances, accumulated within your body, and the burden they place on organs at any given time.

If you feel burdened or weighed down by the toxins in your life, the simplest solution is to lighten your toxic load. As you can imagine, anytime you introduce a new toxin to your body and space, your toxic load grows heavier, and it becomes more difficult for your body to filter toxins that come your way. Conversely, anytime you remove a toxin from your life, your toxic load grows lighter, giving your body a better chance of filtering and fighting off toxins.

For anyone who’s looking for simple ways to lighten their toxic load, here are three easy things you can do today to start reducing your toxic burden.

  1. Drink more water. If you feel like your toxic load is growing too intense for your body to handle, consider upping your water intake. While you’ll need to evaluate what kinds of toxins you might be putting on or in your body and adjust from there, you can flush a lot of toxins out of your body simply by drinking water. If you struggle to stay hydrated, motivate yourself with a cute water bottle that has a straw or put a reminder in your phone that goes off several times a day to remind you to drink water.
  2. Read labels. One of the easiest ways to reduce the number of toxins you’re exposed to is remove the ones lurking in your cabinets. Sadly, many of the products we know and love contain synthetic ingredients. Everyday products like perfumes, skin care products, lotions, toothpastes, and more can be major culprits contributing to your toxic load. Go to your bathroom cabinet and look at the labels on the products. Do you recognize their ingredients? If the products you have and their ingredients seem questionable, use something more natural instead.

    For example, did you know you can use Frankincense essential oil as a natural way to care for your skin? You can use Lavender essential oil to naturally get better rest.* If you’re looking for natural products to help you reduce your toxic load, consider trying out the Cura Collection. Whether it’s tummy troubles,* sleepless nights,* skin irritations, or bodily discomfort, the Cura Collection has a natural solution for every occasion, making it easy for you to reduce your toxic load and that of your family.See the Collection

  3. Get moving Like we mentioned, your body has an incredible filtration system that helps protect you against toxins you encounter. When that filtration system is overloaded, you start exceeding the threshold of toxins that your body can handle. Taking good care of your body—moving, sweating, and exercising—is a great way to strengthen your body so it can defend you against toxins in the future. Exercise helps strengthen the body’s natural defenses so when toxins come your way, it’s better equipped to ward them off.

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