I know you need loads of energy to get through your day. When you feel like slacking or you’re low on energy, you most likely need to get some nutrient-dense foods in your system.  Reaching for sugar rich, low nutrient “foods” will just lead to a crash. Here are some foods that will give you a quick boost of lasting energy without the crash.

1. Oatmeal:
Oatmeal is an easy, filling food to you can eat to help give you a boost. THe type of oatmeal you eat does matter. Instant oatmeal can contain high amounts of sugar so be sure to read the label. Irish oats and steel oats contain good fiber and can help sustain your energy. Oatmeal contains the healthy type of carbs that are a great source of energy. They help metabolize the energy in your body by providing nutrients like vitamin B, thiamine, folate and niacin. Oatmeal is personalized energy! You can throw in all sorts additions like berries, crushed nuts, a bit of honey or a little maple syrup.

Try this recipe for a boost:
Boil two scoops of oatmeal in a pinch of salt, a cup of water, and two tablespoons of peanut butter for extra protein. Cook until the water is absorbed and it looks a little soupy. Or try soaking them, making overnight oats. This makes them easier to digest and it’s super convenient! Put oats, milk or milk alternative in a mason jar, shake, stick in the fridge overnight and in the morning add your toppings.

2. Eggs:
Eggs can provide 30% of the protein your body requires and help strengthen and build your muscles. You can use eggs however you like. You can make an omelet, scramble them up, or simply hard-boil them.

3. Yogurt:
Yogurt can be a super easy snack that is full of protein. But not all yogurt is equal. I recommend organic Greek yogurt; it needs to be plain. Most yogurt is loaded with sugar so it’s important to get it unsweetened, or plain. It’s pretty tart so you can add some honey and nuts, or fruit and a small amount of granola.

4. Shrimp:
Shrimp is rich in vitamin B12 and very low in calories. Vitamin B12 helps your body produce energy at a much faster rate. Shrimp also contains omega 3 fatty acids, which help boost your mood and your energy levels.

5. Hummus:
This Mediterranean dish is made from various herbs, spices, and chickpeas. It also contains olive oil, lemon juice, and sesame seed paste. These ingredients provide the nutrients and healthy carbs needed to help our bodies produce energy. They also contain healthy fats and protein, which means that you will be able to store that energy for a longer period of time. Try dipping cut veggies into it for a quick snack or side dish.

6. Berries:
Berries are a  good fruit choice. They give you a quick yet sustainable boost of energy. You can eat them raw or add them to your oatmeal, acai bowls or smoothies.

7. Spinach:
Mitochondria are the powerhouse of cells. Spinach contains nitrates that are responsible for improving the efficiency of mitochondria, helping provide energy to your cells.

Try adding some of these foods to your diet to boost your energy levels and power up your body’s performance!
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Best in health,
Dr. Jen

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