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If you are looking for natural solutions to help  your family with everything from nonpharmaceutical health remedies to a chemical free home this is the place to be!


When I first met Joe he had been on prescription reflux medication for 30 years. I recommended a specific medical grade essential oil blend and within two weeks Joe was no longer needing vhis medication.


Work with me if you would like results like this!



I’m Jen

I am a busy functional nutrition practitioner and essential oil expert living in Michigan.

If you feel like you’re living in a rut, it isn’t your fault. Stress and poor diet catch up with us and take a toll. There are solutions that are easy and affordable that I would love to share with you on your healing journey.

“I feel empowered and healthy knowing I have instant solutions at my finger tips.”

Work With Me

The 7 Day Bloat Elimination Plan

This is my super simple 7 day jump start. We have all failed or given up on diets at one point or another. Diets aren’t realistic. Stop dieting and learn how to get healthy for life.

Everything you need is at your finger tips. I give you a step by step program telling you exactly what you can eat and how much of it. You have plenty of simple options and NO deprivation. You should not feel like you’re starving in order to lose weight! I have a simple tri-fold guide to stick in your purse or bag for on the go help. There are simple food logs given in two different formats depending on which will work the best for you personally. Everything is broken down for super simple implementation. I even provide an easy sample menu plan if you need a little help and a bonus handout with pictures of simple on the go snacks you can pick up ready made.

Food To The Rescue

Ready to go to the next level? My signature program, Food To The Rescue is the next step. This program is broken down into 4 modules. Each module builds upon the last and will help solidify the skills necessary to live your optimal life. You can go at your own pace and never feel rushed.

Did you ever wonder how to eat the right way? There is so much contradiction and false information out there it’s like navigating a land mine.

My 4 module signature product takes all of the guess work out of it. This is not a diet! It is teaching you what to eat and what not to eat. I give you simple ideas and ways to organize so nothing is complicated or overwhelming but everything is super concise and easy to apply to your real life. No dieting, no deprivation!

21 Day Reset

Are you exhausted? Do you feel like you just can’t move forward? The problem is when you’re exhausted, the thought of trying to do anything new stops you cold.
My 21 Day Reset is just the solution to get you out of the rut. I have everything laid out for you. You don’t have to think, it isn’t hard to implement and it will not turn your life upside down.
But at the end, you will feel refreshed. Your energy will be increased, you will have less brain fog. You’ll feel less bloated and the scale will be moving down.
No time consuming webinars, no complicated recipes. Just very simple, easy to do steps. Week by week. No overwhelm!


"Changing our diet has dramatically improved my family’s quality of life. Prior to working with Jen, I was always tired, in pain and bloated. My youngest son was sick all the time, he’d be out of school for at least a week every time he got sick. Now my youngest son has been able to make the “food/health” connection and now knows when he is reaching his “sugar max.” He is more invested in eating veggies because he knows it helps his body to heal and stay healthy. Something as simple as changing what and how we eat has improved my family’s life. Jen is a life changer."

Life Coach

"Jen’s program really helped me get back on track with my eating. After one week, I felt less bloated and my clothes fit better. This initial improvement and the increased energy motivated me to start exercising again. It was very helpful to be reminded of portion size and how to plan my meals to include a variety of different food categories. Thanks Jen for helping me get back on track to a healthy lifestyle! I feel great!"

Speech pathologist

"I’ve never changed my diet before, but I needed to loose some extra weight and so I gave it a try. I was amazed after just a few days my joints stopped aching, my belly bloat decreased and my energy increased! I couldn’t believe that my diet played such a big role in how my whole body felt. It’s amazing and I have stuck with it for months now and it is easy to do! It’s a game changer."



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Stress Management Tools

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3 Ways To Decrease Your Toxic Load
3 Ways To Decrease Your Toxic Load

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